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Tim Malloy


In 1992 after the passing of my Mom from a cancerous brain tumor, I created the Ilene Malloy Memorial Fund.  My family and I ran this fund for nearly 20 years before it became an “Official 501 c 3”.  In 2012 the family-run fund became the Three Hands of Hope.  And now, after nearly 30 years of leading this Organization and watching it grow to what it is today, I decided to take a lesser role as treasurer.   The success of this organization could not have been possible without the support of my wife Lesly and my two children (Devon and Timmy) who have all made major sacrifices that have allowed this organization to grow to what it is today.  With the recent passing of my father, I decided to step aside and let a new enthusiastic group take the reins.  I am confident that this new team will continue to grow this organization and I am excited to see what the “Next Chapter” will be for the Three Hands of Hope. We now boast the three hands as “Faith, Family and Fun” and our future is bright.

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